LGBTQI support group

The session one of the second eight-week LGBTQI support group, held in The Space as a combined effort of XUKIA and SoMHiL, is attended by seven members. Dr. Bornali Das, Senior Lecturer of Psychiatric Social Work in the Department of Psychiatry of Gauhati Medical College Hospital, Guwahati represented SoMHiL and started the session. Everyone shared their name, preferred pronoun, and affirmation. Then, the agenda of the session was put forward which was basically to understand the meaning of LBGTIQA and discuss it. The issue and constraints regarding changing gender for transgender people were also put into focus and to find a way to make them assessable to the process. In the end, Mr. Shankar, one of the members, shared his story in a nutshell in quite a poetic way.

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