Common behaviour problems


Mythili Hazarika, the President of the Society for Mental Health in LAMIC (SoMHiL) addressed 52 primary school teachers of Northeast India on common behaviour problems at the National Institute of Public Cooperation and Child Development (NIPCCD), Guwahati.

Anger and Kashmir

Titled “Anger and Kashmir”, this fortnight’s Mind Matters column of the Editor-in-Chief of the Open Journal of Psychiatry & Allied Sciences (OJPAS®), Shyamanta Das in Horizon, the Friday supplement with The Assam Tribune discusses the original article, “Anger expression as a predictor of mental health among school students of Kashmir valley” by Mudassir Hassan, Waheeda Khan, and Bisma Bhat and published in the current issue (January-June 2019, Volume 10 Issue 1) of the OJPAS®.

Hall of Fame

Mythili Hazarika, the President of the Society for Mental Health in LAMIC (SoMHiL), as one among the ‘Hall of Fame’, shared her journey at the Dream-Up Talk in the pop-up fest at Veterinary College Ground, Guwahati.

‘Hall of Fame’-er (the pop-up fest 2019 Guwahati) Mythili Hazarika shared her journey at the Dream-Up covering the following:

  1. Past stories relating to who she is now.
  2. The challenges that she has faced while at work.
  3. How has she overcame them?
  4. Which quote inspires her the most and why? What is its relation to her journey?
  5. Measure or protection she liked to present for the audience from her learnings?
  6. How her Dream turned into reality?

As starter of the talk, in introspection she wanted to know about self from others’ point of view. What poured in is as follows:

“Mythili ….name itself stands apart. The name invokes the image of a person who is truly admirable for her qualities which cannot be stated just in words. You need to feel the warm, friendly and supportive aura of this person which she radiates upon anybody who comes in contact with her. As her student, I have got some opportunity to know her and journey of life. The journey was not a very smooth one with so many hurdles coming. Yet the smile with which she glows has never lost its shine and has continued to care and heal every wounded soul who has sought her help. She has continued to inspire people to come out of their shell and be their own self. In short, she does what she preaches i.e. she continues to grow herself and thus help others too. Professionally or personally whatever it is, she is a person who values ethics, is supportive and non-judgemental. To end it up, she makes her presence felt even when she is not around. She paves a way for you to be your own and in the process, when you have inculcate her teachings and qualities, she is with you to guide and motivate for the rest of your life.” – S

“Fierce/driven or running miles a minute.” – M

“Empathic, pragmatic and camaraderie.” – S

“An explorer, a traveler, one who loves to interact with people, looks for solutions in every problem, a very caring and thorough professional who is in love with her profession.” – A

“An experienced psychologist with wide spreading interests in the individual and community problems. A leader in the North east to tackle issues which are usually shunned. A dynamic personality who knows the pulse of the people.” – C

“Charismatic personality, excellent communication skills, highly professional, knowledgeable, simple, down to earth, empathic and heals patients with her words.” – R

“She is a “look up to person” in the lives of many including me and my sister. She has changed me from a person who didn’t want to live to a person who loves life now. And believe me she can do it for anyone who confides in her. She is a rare combination of strength, resilience, intelligence, patience, compassion, empathy and acceptance. For me she is an oasis in the desert.” – R

“Mythili has the most amazing energy and wisdom in her. She is focused in whatever she does. She accommodates people with ease.” – J

“You have been always inquisitive, curious and you make feel at ease to the person across to vent out their personal details without hindrance.” – B

“By passing all odds of life steps towards horizon.” – S

“You are so diverse and multifaceted that it will take an essay to define you. You are my personal hero! I rely on you to settle many of my own problems and I rarely seek anybody else.” – A

“Mythili Hazarika- a well -known name in the field of mental well-being. Nomi to me right from childhood days is someone I have so very closely known and adored. A dynamic young lady, to me she has always been a burst of unending energy, impossible dream into reality, an achiever!” – M

“I feel proud as a mother that you are contributing to the society through your work which is also your passion. You are the most beautiful dream a mother can dream of.” – M

“Very few are like her- immensely inspiring, full of life, courageous, caring, a rational thinker, a very good friend, a super mother, a darling daughter, a supportive sister and above all she is a beautiful person inside out, a gifted one.” – P

“The lady with the lamp that shed her light onto thousand lives through her dedication, determination and perseverance. A woman of substance and outspoken about her views. At a young age she touched greater heights.” – S

“The human mind has been deemed as the most enigmatic of all godly creations and piercing the mystery that lies within is probably the most fascinating of nay faculty- with her fantastic ways and smooth manner of conversing with her patients, listening to them more as an individual than as an ill mind, the flambuoyant Dr Mythili Hazarika has done wonders in serving this world of understanding and unfolding the human psyche. An able talker, and apt professionally her charisma and style has never eluded her persona while dealing with her patients.” – A

“Passion, grit and determination makes you successful. Being calm during adversities of life makes ways for you to excel further. You have inspired many young minds to take the path of your profession. I have met few of them.” – U

“Endless energy, people person, values friendship and always take time for friends, great interpersonal skills, fun to be with, very brave and fearless.” – B

“Storehouse of energy, always enthusiastic about everything, always a thirst to do more in life despite all odds, value friendships.” – P

“Versatile, ambitious, passionate, determined, fun to eb with, always takes time out for family and friends. A go to person and last but not the least courageous and fearless.” – G

“She is the most charismatic and dedicated mental health professional in this part of the country. Her honesty to the profession is unquestionable. Inspite of huge clients she gives desirable time to everybody. Her human relationships is key to her success.” – S

“Unique, manage different activities at the same time, lend an ear to everybody’s problems.” – S

“Our sister is a wonderful human being- full of fun, giggle, laughter and warmth.” – P

“Epitome of a women, feels deeply and loves fiercely! Both soft and powerful, practical and spiritual, your tears flow as much as your laughter, utmost respect for yourself and what you believe in, is what I love the most.” – L

“A pleasant personality, full of energy, meritorious and thorough in your subject.” – R

“A distinctive personality, kind and caring, knows the value of healing mental health related suffering, inexplicably make you feel good just being around her, hardworking, talented, self-made perseverant, different from others and woman of substance.” – S