Madness and mental illness


An article on “Madness and mental illness” by Dr. Mythili Hazarika, the President of the Society for Mental Health in LAMIC (SoMHiL) was published in the vernacular (i.e. Assamese) daily newspaper, KHOBOR’s Sunday Edition wherein she focused how we all in the current scenario, post-Karbi Anglong lynching incident had lost our minds and can term ourselves as ‘insane’. But, medicine or psychotherapy alone is not our cure. We need to build up our empathy and genuineness for others by contributing our time, education, and humanitarian selves for the betterment of our environment in our own levels. Just talking, condemning, and showing madness is not the solution to the grave issues. Government, NGOs, and individuals should form some task forces in their own local areas and work to eradicate the ‘insanity’ in each one of our so-called normal individuals.

Mob psychology


The President of the Society for Mental Health in LAMIC (SoMHiL), Dr. Mythili Hazarika was invited for a talk show in television (NEWS LIVE) on the recent tragedy of lynching two noble souls of Assam in Karbi-Anglong district. She spoke on mob psychology and its causes, and reiterated on the belief that if parents take a stance on children’s misdoings and come forward against them then social evils could be wiped away easily.

To marry or not to marry



An article on “To marry or not to marry”, in vernacular language (i.e. Assamese) by Dr. Mythili Hazarika, the President of the Society for Mental Health in LAMIC (SoMHiL) is published in the magazine, Aaina Jibonor (The Mirror of Life). The writer emphasised that the youngsters should be aware that each marriage is different and partners in a marriage need to do what works for them rather than following some standards they might have read in a book or heard from a well-meaning friend. There is no perfect marriage and the criteria that youngsters need to bring to assessing a marriage is whether it largely meets the needs of both the partners, whether it empowers them and brings out the better qualities of each partner.