Upcoming Publication on Bipolar Disorder

The 29th Annual Conference of the Indian Psychiatric Society, Assam State Branch (IPS-ASBCon 2019)  will be held on 12-13th October, 2019 at Guwahati.

The event will be eternalised by release of an ISBN publication with the theme- “Bipolar Disorder : Evolving Concepts and Paradigms”.

Guidelines for the Authors

Previously unpublished work within 3000 words having uniform reference style (as mentioned below) should be sent after plagiarism check as email attachment to somhil@hotmail.com .

Kindly send confirmation along with a short description (50 words) of the chosen topic by 4 August, 2019. The final manuscripts will be expected on/before 16 September, 2019.

Reference Style

In-text-citations should be as follows:

“… was reported (Sreevani 2015).”

or : “Sreevani (2015) reported …”.

In the case of 2 authors, use the “&” sign: (Kumar & Phookun 2015).

In the case of 3 and more authors, use “et al.”: “(Alam et al. 2015)”.

End of the article citations in alphabetical order should be as follows:

Talukdar S, Das S, Bhandari SS, Talukdar U, Borkataki D. Ten. Open J Psychiatry Allied Sci. 2019;10:97-100.

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Specific learning disability


The President of the Society for Mental Health in LAMIC (SoMHiL), Mythili Hazarika and Research Assistant, Devyani Borkataki was with the Principal of Kamrup Academy Higher Secondary School to be a part and provide services for the project of Specific Learning Disability (SLD) assessment.