Chair & paper

The Editor-in-Chief of the Open Journal of Psychiatry & Allied Sciences (OJPAS®), Shyamanta Das chaired the Free Papers Session as well as the Forensic Psychiatry Lecture, “Ethics and Psychiatry” by Rajesh Kumar in the 44th Annual Conference of Indian Psychiatric Society – Eastern Zonal Branch (CEZIPS 2018) at Mahabodhi Hotel, Resorts & Convention Centre, Bodhgaya. Shyamanta, also co-authored the following papers presented in the conference: “A study on seasonal variation and sex specific psychiatric service utilization in a tertiary care centre” by Chayanika Choudhury, “Investigation of the relationship between Toxoplasma gondii and psychosis” by Jyotismita Choudhury, “A comparison of suicidal risk of patients with bipolar versus unipolar depression” by Porimita Chutia, and “Bed occupancy by substance use disorder patients in a tertiary care hospital” by Arundhati Bhagabati.

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