Amtron Covid-19

4th April 2020

The Department of Psychiatry, GMCH had trained the health care professionals from District mental health program, Assam today by webinar. The topic was on “Stress management during COVID-19 pandemic and the Editor-in-Chief of the Open Journal of Psychiatry & Allied Sciences (OJPAS®), Dr Shyamanta Das spoke on psychiatry aspects, the President of the Society for Mental Health in LAMIC (SoMHiL), Mythili Hazarika spoke on crisis management techniques and tele-psychological counselling, ethics and guidelines and Dr Bornali Das, Secretary of SoMHiL, spoke on psychosocial aspects and practically demonstrated mindfulness based stress reduction technique.

Impact strengthening workshop


The President of the Society for Mental Health in LAMIC (SoMHiL), Mythili Hazarika is being trained in impact strengthening workshop for five hours from the University of Oxford consultants for the Right 3 National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) grant application stage 2 for reducing multi-morbidity in children with intellectual developmental disorder (IDD) in a community engagement and involvement programme funded by the Oxford under Right 3 grant.


Destination conveys gratitude and regards to all the trustees of “PATHAN HAZARIKA CHARITABLE TRUST” and the members of SoMHiL for generous donation of some of the requirements needed in shelter homes in these crucial times of lock-down due to COVID-19 pandemic. Destination has been tirelessly moving on creating awareness and advocacy on mental health, child rights, and environment. Apart from that the institution takes care of people with mental health conditions and intellectual disability. Destination appreciates the wonderful activities and noble deeds carried on under the banner of SoMHiL for the marginalised people and dynamic approach in the area of mental health. Rupa Hazarika, Founder President, Destination wrote to Mythili Hazarika, President, SoMHiL.

Best practice


Bornali Das and Mythili Hazarika, the Secretary and President of the Society for Mental Health in LAMIC (SoMHiL) respectively are the resource persons in a video conference via Zoom app to train the team of tele-psychological counsellors of Global Pandemic Resource Forum (GPRF) on the best practice guidelines of tele-psychological counselling during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.